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Summer Lawn Care

Looking after your lawn in summer

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As temperatures hot up and we move into summer the growth of your lawn may actually start to slow down, mow as and when necessary never taking more than one third of the length of the plant off in any one cut. As always a sharp mower is essential. If temperatures become very hot your lawn will become stressed and it may be necessary to cut back on the frequency of mowing.


The need to feed your lawn during summer will be dependent on weather and growth patterns. A late spring application of GroRight® Lawn Fertiliser, Weed & Moss Killer should provide sufficient nutrients to see your lawn through to autumn. A cooler, wet summer can result in nutrient drain and as a result additional fertiliser applications may be required to maintain lawn health.


Summer is the time when drought can occur and a lawn can turn brown and straw coloured. Before addressing this problem the first thing to say is that well-maintained lawns will invariably recover once the rains return. Good maintenance at other times of the year, aeration and appropriate feeding will help rooting and the lawn’s ability to withstand and recover from periods of drought. If possible, avoidance is better than cure and the only way to prevent drought is to water the lawn.

If you can water it is best to do this at the first signs of drought, when the grass is still green but starting to show signs of stress (little growth and a dulling of the normal bright green coloration). If you can water try to do this evenly. Also irrigate at times when the water is more likely to soak in. The general rule here is early morning or in the evening, which probably suits most homeowners. Remember to follow any local regulations when using water in summer. If your lawn does suffer from drought then mow as little as possible, the lawn won’t be growing rapidly and it will stress the lawn unnecessarily.

Broadleaf weed treatment

Broadleaf weeds should be treated using a suitable selective herbicide or an all-in-one treatment, such as Rolawn GroRight® Lawn Fertiliser, Weed & Moss Killer. Alternatively weed them out by hand or using a knife/mechanical weeder remembering to get the root of the weed out.

Dealing with lawn pests

The most common lawn pests, Chafer Grubs and Leatherjackets, can cause significant damage to lawns. If you notice patches of poorly growing, yellowing grass check for signs of grubs feeding on the grass roots. These pests can be easily and safely controlled by applying a suitable nematode based product.

Enjoy your lawn

Looking after and maintaining a beautiful lawn is a rewarding experience and pastime. The results speak for themselves and are there for all to see. A grass surface is also one of the safest surfaces for you and your family to enjoy. There are other benefits to having a beautiful lawn, for example it is believed that standing barefoot on grass is a multi-sensory experience. It triggers within us deeply rooted associations with the smell and sound of nature and the vision of dense greenery.