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Keep Your Garden Beautiful Throughout the Year

At GreenBanks Garden Services, we offer a range of garden maintenance packages designed to keep our customers’ gardens looking beautiful throughout the year.

We use professional mowers with rear rollers for all lawn cutting. We recommend cutting the lawns weekly in the growing season.

Lawns will be cut to the optimum level and we’ll take into account the weather conditions to produce the best possible result for the conditions.

We believe in cutting little and often and leaving the grass longer during hot and dry spells. We also provide lawn edging by hand trimming.

Choose from one or more of our following services. Each package offers a number of benefits that present excellent value and a hassle free service that you can enjoy.

  • Garden and grounds maintenance for unoccupied/let properties
  • Terrace and driveway leaf and debris clearing program
  • Terrace and driveway pressure washing
  • The creation of shaped borders, plant layout and design and the supply of hand selected plants
  • Supply of composts to enrich the soil and mulching
  • Supply of Top Soil
  • Landscaping – complete garden design service and makeover
  • Lawn feed weed and moss kill program in spring and autumn, as required
  • Lawn scarifying, lawn top dressing and over seeding as required
  • Lawn spot weeding
  • Leaf clearing and removal
  • Hedge trimming and shaping
  • Hoe and weed borders
  • Removal of garden waste from above if required for recycling
  • Topiary and the general pruning and control of plant shapes
  • Watering by hand of important plants during dry weather and hosepipe bans



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